Slow but determined change: Facing up to non-UK national homelessness

Read this extract from an article written by Jenny Corbett, Policy Manager at Homeless Link. Everyone In represented the first time that England had attempted a local authority-led universal homelessness response. The results for non-UK national homelessness were remarkable, but the measures were temporary. Now, as winter provision continues and local

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We are recruiting: Immigration Programme Coordinator

Asylum Welcome is seeking an Immigration programme Coordinator to support clients with applications and casework that they might not be able to access through legal aid and to support legal aid referrals.  The main purpose of the role is to manage, supervise and sustain a team of volunteers and run

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BBC Radio Oxford interview with Aiham, Asylum Welcome’s new Fundraising Assistant

On 13 January 2022 Kat Orman, from BBC Radio Oxford, interviewed Aiham Al Aswadi, former client, volunteer and now member of staff at Asylum Welcome. In this interview, Aiham talks openly about the context and circumstances that led him and his family to leave Yemen, his home

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We are recruiting: Refugee Resettlement Staff

We are advertising three exciting roles for a new project to resettle at least ten Afghan, Syrian, other families in Oxford city from December. We are seeking applicants for the following roles: 1. Coordinator / Support Worker 2. Education / Volunteering / Employment coordinator 3. Assistant Support Worker (part time)

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Appeal to Oxford’s landlords to support refugees

The Oxford City Council are looking for properties within the city boundary to accommodate large families, potentially consisting of a couple with 2 to 4 children per family. There will be an ongoing need for more affordable housing not only to meet the current Afghan crisis but to also accommodate other

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Seeking Trustees: use your experience and skills to help govern Oxford’s refugee charity

Asylum Welcome is amazing. Our small staff team and volunteers support asylum seekers, refugees, and vulnerable migrants, who seek refuge in Oxford. To further strengthen our governance, we are seeking to appoint individuals to our Board who have lived experience of being a refugee, an asylum-seeker or of migration...

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Afghanistan: Asylum Welcome’s Response and How to Support Refugees

Asylum Welcome is deeply concerned about recent events in Afghanistan and the impact that these events are having on innocent people whose safety is now at risk. You can read our full statement here. We are working with councils, charities and community organisations to welcome Afghan refugees to Oxfordshire and support them on their

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Asylum Welcome’s Statement on Afghanistan

The Asylum Welcome community in Oxfordshire is extremely concerned about the devastating situation in Afghanistan and how this is affecting thousands of Afghan refugees in Oxfordshire. We are glad to hear that the Home Secretary Priti Patel has announced the resettlement of 5,000 refugees this year 'with the potential of accommodating up to 20,000

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The 70th Anniversary of the Refugee Convention, and why it matters today

The 28th July 2021 marks the 70th anniversary of the 1951 Refugee Convention. The Convention was signed in 1951 by a group of nations that agreed to welcome people displaced by the events of the Second World War and its aftermath. In 1967, the Convention expanded to include all people fleeing persecution, and this has been

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