Our IT and laptop project helps refugee children and their families to get online.

Our recycled laptop project enables our clients to continue their education and pursue employment, remain connected with friends and family, and access online information, support and resources. It also helps to counter loneliness and isolation. You can find out about how to donate a laptop or device here, read an article on the impact of this project here. and watch the video below for more information.

Who is this for?

Asylum seekers and refugees who live in Oxfordshire and are in need of a laptop.

“This programme makes a huge difference to the lives of the most vulnerable in society. This is a way for our guests to speak to friends, family and peers. A way to engage with their studies and talk to support workers and case workers. Fundamentally, helping to prevent isolation and promote connectivity in difficult times” Rukiya Khatum, Director, Sanctuary Hosting

What can we offer?

  • Donated recycled laptops in good working condition
  • Repairs (where needed), wiping and PAT testing of laptops
  • Distribution of laptops
  • Support with using modern technologies (computers, laptops, smart phones)

Do you need help?

If you need advice or support then you can phone us on , email us at or WhatsApp us. You can also read about what we do and how to get help in English عربى  shqip  tetum  français  پښتو  زمانی کوردی اردو  فارسی