Our team

Our work is run by a small and dedicated staff team, and over 200 volunteers. Around 20% of our staff come from a refugee background.

Director Mark Goldring

Mark Goldring

Services Director: Almas Farzi (‘Navid’)

Almas Farzi (‘Navid’)
Services Director

Fundraising, Development and Communications Manager - Dr Gilberto Estrada Harris

Dr Gilberto Estrada Harris
Fundraising, Development and Communications Manager.

Finance and Contracts Manager: Jackie McDowell

Jackie McDowell
Finance and Contracts Manager

Office Manager - Saeed Noaman

Saeed Noaman
Office Manager

Advocacy Coordinator – Hari Reed

Hari Reed
Policy and Advocacy Coordinator

Volunteer Coordinator - Hannah Underwood

Hannah Underwood
Volunteer Coordinator

Adult and Family Advice Service Coordinator: Simon Dawson

Simon Dawson
Adult and Family Advice Service Coordinator

Asylum & Immigration Advice Coordinator: Meena Patel

Meena Patel
Asylum & Immigration Advice Coordinator

Youth Service Coordinator – Jess Beagant

Jess Beagant
Youth Service Coordinator

Communications Coordinator: : Emma Jones

Emma Jones
Communications Coordinator

Huntercombe Project & Services Support Coordinator - Rhiannon Lovell

Rhiannon Lovell
Huntercombe Project & Services Support Coordinator

Schools Advocacy Coordinator – Jan Dogar-Hurd

Jan Dogar-Hurd
Schools Advocacy Coordinator

Hala Mohammed – RESP Project Officer

Education, Employment and Volunteer Coordinator: Resettlement Programme - Katie Forsyth

Katie Forsyth – Resettlement Programme: Education, Employment and Volunteer Coordinator

Tania Baldwin-Pask – Sanctuary Hosting Service Manager

Eden Habtemichael – Sanctuary Hosting Service Coordinator

Malaz Yousif – Welcome Centre Coordinator & Sanctuary Hosting Service Assistant

Olivia May – Fundraiser

Letty Peppiatt – Community Liaison Officer, Homes for Ukraine

Iryna Linkevych – Community Liaison Officer, Homes for Ukraine

Molly Brech – Senior Services Manager

Mohamed Mohndis – Support Worker, Resettlement Programme

Victoria Greenwood – Resettlement Employment Support Coordinator

Sawan Hassan – Digital Inclusion Coordinator

“The entire team is trained to handle everyone as an individual and they are non-judgemental. I loved this most about Asylum Welcome. Very caring and kind staff. I always felt at home whenever I was at Asylum Welcome’s offices” client at Asylum Welcome.