Our Vision, Mission and Values

There are now 80 million forcibly displaced people worldwide and more than 26 million are refugees, 40% of whom are children (UNHCR, 2021). Of these, 86% are hosted in developing countries. Public and political debate around refugee issues is complex and polarised. Meanwhile, the UK continues to create and intensify a ‘hostile environment’ for those seeking sanctuary. The need for Asylum Welcome is greater than ever.

Our vision

Asylum seekers, refugees and vulnerable migrants will feel welcomed, respected, understood and included. They will be able to live in dignity and with hope for the future, exercise their rights and have their cases fairly considered, access services to meet their needs, and have opportunities to develop and share their talents.

Our mission

Asylum Welcome tackles poverty, suffering and isolation among asylum seekers and refugees who have fled persecution and danger in their own countries and who seek refuge in Oxfordshire. We also support vulnerable migrants who have a humanitarian need for assistance in the UK, including those detained within the legal or penal system.

Our values

  • Common humanity: we are all one people – part of a local and global community.
  • Social justice: a fair and compassionate society provides rights and opportunities for all people.
  • Voluntary action: a lot can be achieved by enabling volunteers to generously give their time in order to help others.

Our Strategy 2020-2023

We are firmly committed to including people with lived experience at all levels of the organisation. Asylum Welcome’s 2020-2023 strategic goals are to help asylum seekers, refugees and vulnerable migrants who have a humanitarian need for assistance in the UK to feel welcome, safe and confident:

  1. We will respond to the fundamental human need to feel welcome.
  2. We recognise that the preeminent need of asylum seekers and refugees is for a place of safety.
  3. We believe that inspiring confidence is the best way of maximising refugees and asylum seekers’ potential, and helping them to make Oxfordshire their home.