Asylum Welcome supports the right to claim asylum. Our Immigration Advice Service works with people who need support to access legal advice or complete applications where there is no legal aid available.

We often see people who are unsure of their immigration status or do not know what their next steps are with their case. For example, some cannot afford to attend appointments, do not have full possession of their legal documents or cannot find a lawyer. If you need support to access legal advice then we can help you.

We are regulated to provide immigration advice and guidance (OISC Level 1 Immigration and Level 2 Asylum). We provide support with some applications that are not covered by legal aid.

Who is this for?

Asylum seekers and refused asylum seekers and migrants who are not sure how to access legal advice.

Refugees and migrants who need support with travel documents, registration of children as British, naturalisation, change of conditions applications, and lost BRP applications.

“We are very grateful for your help and being always there whenever we need help. Thank you so much for being understandable and approachable. I can’t pay you back for anything but the only thing I can do is put you on my prayers.. again, thank you so much.”

How can we help?

  • Small funds to enable asylum seekers to travel to attend Home Office interviews or meetings with lawyers
  • Applications where legal aid is not available
  • Assistance to secure copies of legal documents
  • Help to find a lawyer and communicate with them

Do you need help?

We are available on Mondays to Fridays, between 9.30am and 4pm. If you need advice or support then you can phone us on 01865 722082, email us at or WhatsApp us on 07784 300683. You can also read about what we do and how to get help in English عربى  shqip  tetum  français  پښتو  زمانی کوردی اردو  فارسی


If you would like to refer someone to our services then please email