Recycled bicycles

Our recycled bike project provides our clients with reconditioned bikes (as well as a new helmet, lights and lock). Cycling empowers our clients to travel freely and independently, and get to know the city. It enables them to get to work, access education, attend appointments or pursue leisure activities.

Asylum Welcome is always looking for more donated bikes for men, women and children. We can only accept donated bikes if they are in reasonable working (rideable) condition – gears and brakes fully functioning, needing no more than lubrication, adjustment or very minor repairs.

We currently accept bikes by appointment only. Please contact Nasser, our Bike Project Coordinator, or Mark and Tino, our Bike Project volunteers at

Asylum Welcome is proud to be a part of the Sanctuary Wheels partnership, providing free, refurbished bikes and tuition for hundreds of refugees across Oxfordshire.

You can donate here to support this important work.

£20 could provide a lock and lights for one bike.

£60 could cover all of the costs needed to provide a bike for one refugee.

We see, and our clients tell us, that having a bike makes a huge difference to their morale, gets them out and doing, gives them freedom of transport across the city and often is a crucial factor in being able to take up educational and therapeutic support. It can be a major stage in becoming an independent member of society.

Thank you so much!