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Hari is the Policy and Advocacy Coordinator at Asylum Welcome. Contact her at advocacy@asylum-welcome.org

Suella Braverman’s attack on LGBT+ refugees: “What for her is a political performance is an everyday struggle for us”.

Asylum Welcome rejects Suella Braverman’s unfounded claims regarding gender and sexuality as illegitimate grounds to claim asylum in the UK. Braverman claims that "simply being gay, or a woman, and fearful of discrimination in your country of origin" is no longer a good enough basis on which to be granted refugee

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The Brook House Inquiry report shows us why Campsfield mustn’t reopen

By Hallam Tuck  'Under the Home Office, and its contractor G4S, Brooke House was not sufficiently decent, secure, or caring for detained people or its staff. An environment flourished in which unacceptable treatment became more likely.’ Kate Eves, Chair of the Brook House Inquiry.  The Brook House Inquiry report published

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Everything we don’t know about the Illegal Migration Act (and a few things we do)

  By Hari Reed, Policy & Advocacy Coordinator We know that the Illegal Migration Bill completed its journey through Parliament late on Monday 17th July and became an Act of Parliament on Thursday 20th July. We know that the international community is looking on in disbelief, afraid of the knock-on

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“One year on, Ukrainians have become a valued part of our community.”

By Hajar Zainuddin, Advocacy Volunteer, and Tamara Kurzova, Ukraine Community Liaison Officer On the 24th of February 2022, Russian forces invaded Kyiv, devastating lives and displacing millions of innocent civilians. The UK responded by setting up the ‘Homes for Ukraine’ scheme. Under this scheme, Ukrainians can live, work and have

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Asylum Welcome’s Comment on Recent Attacks on Asylum Accommodation

Asylum Welcome is supporting a growing number of asylum seekers in temporary hotel accommodation in Oxfordshire. These hotels have been visited by far-right activists, who have filmed asylum seekers, advertised the location of the hotels, and made them feel unwelcome. As Friday's disgraceful attack on asylum accommodation in Knowsley shows, the nature of hotel

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Keep Campsfield Closed: Sign the Petition

Help us reach 1000 signatures! My name is Allan. I am a father, a carer for social services, and a refugee, and in 2014 I was detained at Campsfield House Immigration Removal Centre.  I am one of the thousands of people who were detained at Campsfield House in Kidlington, Oxfordshire between 1993

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Why did asylum seekers *really* come to the UK in 2022?

By Tiger Hills, Advocacy Volunteer  Over the course of a year in which 45,756 people crossed the channel in unsafe vessels, there was rarely a break in coverage of these small boat crossings. The issue has been at the top of the agenda all year, for successive prime ministers and

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Rwanda plan deemed ‘legal’ – but our resistance continues

Content by Nadia Kashoo / Image by Slava Kosteniuk What is the Rwanda Plan? On the 19th of December 2022, the High Court ruled that the UK government’s plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda is legal. The Rwanda plan is an immigration policy designed to send those identified as ‘illegal

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The RAMFEL Report: a reflection on the UK’s increasingly hostile environment

Content by Tiger Hills / Image by Slava Kosteniuk Reporting by RAMFEL reminds us how our immigration system continues to be ‘hostile’ for migrants even after they gain entry to the UK and begin to re-establish their lives. The UK Home Office introduced its ‘hostile environment’ policy in the 2014

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‘Cultures, Crossings, and Communities’: Asylum Welcome and Oxford Festival of the Arts host an All-Day Bazaar

By Iman Hakimi, Comms and Advocacy Volunteer  To close Refugee Week 2022, Asylum Welcome partnered with the Oxford Festival of the Arts to host ‘Cultures, Crossings, and Communities’, an All-Day Bazaar at Magdalen College School. Festivities were followed by a panel discussion chaired by BBC political correspondent Rob Watson, with local councillors and

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