Sanctuary Hosting

Information for Guests

Asylum seekers, refugees and vulnerable migrants.

Sanctuary Hosting supports people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

For our guests who are seeking asylum, getting Home Office accommodation can take time. Hosting can be the ideal stop-gap.

While those people granted refugee status can access services welfare benefits and local authority support, there are difficulties finding private housing because of high rents and big deposits. Hosting gives time to find work and save up, so people can find their own place.

Vulnerable migrants may have fled domestic abuse or modern slavery, and hosting can be a lifeline, the first safe home they experience in the UK, somewhere to shelter while further support is put in place.

Are you a homeless refugee, asylum seeker or vulnerable migrant in the Thames Valley? Sanctuary Hosting might be able to help with free, safe short-term housing.

Please note that we seek to help people with immediate needs who have no other source of shelter for the coming weeks or months. We seek to find you a room so you can be safe and secure while you sort out what happens next. We are not a housing service and cannot find selfcontained (“own front door”) or longterm accommodation for people.

Hosting placements may be anywhere within our region, and we cannot always accommodate guests’ location preferences.

For more information, please phone 07926 930848 or email

You can also download our application form here.