Enjoy our new feature, where our volunteers share their experiences. Meet the brilliant Edward!

What do you do?

I volunteer at AW Thursdays, other week days and Saturdays I work as a postman, which I like a lot, out in the fresh air, chatting to the locals.

What is your role at Asylum Welcome?

I am an education advisor, since January 2019. I also did foodbank distribution.

What made you start?

I have always cared passionately for refugees and their rights and well being. Refugees have been so negatively represented by the British press and many politicians recently, this I believe is so wrong. I want to be part of local action to help our refugee community and to support people to ultimately give back to the community with their skills and experience.

Has anything happened this week that you would like to share?

For a lot of people coming to AW education is a luxury that they can barely afford. So we support people with applications for charitable grants. Today, we got confirmation that a young refugee studying at college will receive a generous grant from a local charity to pay for her books, a laptop computer, and the professional body membership required for her study. By completing her studies she will be well on her way to getting to university and fulfilling her career ambitions.

What is the best thing about volunteering here?

The best thing about being at AW is being able to make a difference to peoples’ lives, and feeling part of an open and positive community.