Recycled bicycles

Cycling empowers our clients to travel freely and independently, and get to know the city. It enables them to get to work, access education, attend appointments or pursue leisure activities. Our recycled bike project provides asylum seekers and refugees with reconditioned bikes (as well as helmet, new lights and locks).

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Refugee community organisations

This project aims to strengthen refugee community organisations (RCOs) and diaspora groups and communities that support refugees and vulnerable migrants in Oxfordshire. We know that helping refugees to run their own vibrant community organisations is one of the best ways of ensuring that they receive long-term support. Refugee-led community organisations

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IT support

Our IT and laptop project helps refugee children and their families to get online. Our recycled laptop project enables our clients to continue their education and pursue employment, remain connected with friends and family, and access online information, support and resources. It also helps to counter loneliness and isolation. You can

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Food bank

Our Food Bank provides weekly parcels of fresh and packaged food, as well as toiletries, to our clients who are in urgent need. If you would like to support the food bank then you can find out how to donate here. Who is this for? Asylum seekers,

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Welcome centre

Currently closed due to covid We want people to feel welcome and at home when they come to Asylum Welcome. Our Welcome Centre is a space where asylum seekers and refugees can find someone to talk to and find information about our services. Our Welcome Centre is open from

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