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A short film about the work of the Education Service


Why do we run this service?

Being able to function in English is a fundamental skill that allows asylum seekers and refugees to meet many other needs. Improving their ability to communicate helps build good relationships with local people. Many asylum seekers and refugees have aspirations to continue their education or to get existing qualifications recognised as valid in the UK. Attending lessons is a way of using their time usefully while waiting for the outcome of their asylum claims and as such is good for their mental health.

Who is this for?

Asylum seekers and refugees over the age of 16 who wish to continue their education and gain qualifications so they can work in the UK.

How to find out more

The Education Service runs from our main office. Professionally-qualified volunteers are available to give advice on a Tuesday. Volunteers are available to give English lessons throughout the week.

Contact for further details.

What does the service offer?

  • Regular one-to-one appointments to discuss the educational needs of individual asylum seekers and refugees.
  • Help to find classes that teach English from basic through to advanced levels.
  • Help to find and register for vocational courses, such as shoemaking, plumbing and chef training, or for academic courses at all levels, including tertiary degrees.
  • Preparation for the Government Citizenship Test.
  • Checking how overseas educational and professional qualifications compare with those in the British systems through the National Recognition Information Centre (NARIC) website.
  • Advice on finding services that may be able to care for your children while you are studying.
  • One-to-one personally tailored English lessons for those who are unable to attend a college class, or who are waiting for a place in a class.
  • Referrals to organisations that may be able to help you with funding your studies.

Who are our partners?

Asylum Welcome is grateful to the many organizations in Oxford that make classes accessible for asylum seekers or refugees – for example, EMBS (Ethnic Minority Business Service), Crisis Skylight, FELLOW, City of Oxford College and Refugee Resource.