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Marouf Majidi: Sounds from the Middle East

Iranian-born musician Marouf Majidi brings the sounds of the Middle East to the Covered Market.

Hear music from the Middle East performed by acclaimed Iranian-born Helsinki-based composer and musician Marouf Majidi.

Having lived in Turkey, Africa, the Netherlands and now Finland, Marouf’s work combines musical and cultural influences from all over the world. Joining him is Oxford-based duo Delnavaz (Del Aram and Chris Hills), bringing a fusion of traditional Persian tunes and Hindustani rhythms.

The performance is the result of a community world music workshop and forms part of Dash Arts’ project Dido’s Bar, exploring migration, identity and Europe, which culminates in a music theatre production that will tour to Oxford in Autumn 2022.

Marouf Majidi’s performance at the Covered Market is scheduled to coincide with and celebrate Little Amal passing through Oxford – Good Chance Theatre’s 3.5 metre-tall puppet of a refugee girl, representing all displaced children as she walks 8,000km from Turkey to the UK.

This event is FREE, but due to limited capacity booking is essential.

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