Day 2

Amatsia’s Birthday 🎁 story…

After 57 years of not celebrating my birthdays, I decided to have a big one: 200 guests from around the world to celebrate my 70th.

As I live comfortably and already have far too many things I don’t really need, I thought that Asylum Welcome, where I volunteer and see the wonderful things that can be done, should enjoy my friends’ and relatives’ generosity.

In the invite I warned that I would hand any present to the charity shop unopened(!), and explained the charity I was collecting for.

I arranged a credit-card reader at the party, ordered a small banner to stand next to it…

…and managed to collect over £1200 on the spot, plus a couple of hundred from people who donated directly.

I can’t help growing old, but at least it did some good for someone.”

As you can see from the story above, our volunteers are incredible people.

We were so touched by Amatsia’s kindness in sharing his birthday with us.

It’s a fact that Asylum Welcome could not exist without the active work of 220+ volunteers and the unwavering support of our local community, members, supporters and donors.

Thank you to you all for your compassion, solidarity and dedication. 🙌

To be continued…

If you are interested in volunteering with us or would like more information then please email and fill out this application form.

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We are planning a Volunteer Information Evening on Tuesday 10th January, so if volunteering is your New Year’s Resolution, then do watch this space!

If you can, please support our appeal today. Thank you for being part of the story.