Day 16

Hala’s story…

Hala Mohamad is Asylum Welcome’s Welcome Centre / Reception Coordinator.

This is her first job in Oxford, since moving from Sweden to England. Before this, she studied English literature in Syria and then left her home and family to move to Sweden.

In Sweden, Hala worked for the Swedish public employment services. First she worked as a receptionist, then after a few months she was promoted to work with refugees looking for work in Sweden. She helped a lot of refugees to integrate and to start work in a new land. Her biggest job was coaching a group of women who came from Syria as refugees.

Hala is excited to help more people to find their way in a new country in Oxford.

To be continued…

In 2021/22, Asylum Welcome supported 60% more clients than the year before with a wider range of services and a bigger budget than at any time in our history. We couldn’t do it without you. 🧡

As the national environment gets ever tougher for many of our clients and others like them, fleeing violence and persecution in so many countries, it is ever more important that we continue and extend our work.

If you can, please support our appeal today. Thank you for being part of the story.