Send a message of solidarity to refugees in Oxfordshire

Let refugees in Oxfordshire know you stand with them

For refugees, whether in the UK for one week, one year, or one decade, it’s easy to feel unwelcome and alone. While applying for asylum means being treated with doubt and suspicion, navigating the ‘hostile environment’ means being prepared to be questioned about your immigration status by anyone, at any moment.

It can sometimes feel that the UK is becoming a more and more difficult place for refugees and vulnerable migrants to live. But we know that this is only part of a much bigger story. The anti-refugee Borders Bill that the government is currently debating is just one part of a story that we can all contribute to.

We know that there are many people here in Oxfordshire who do not wish to see refugees’ rights withdrawn. Write a message of solidarity to show refugees and asylum seekers that they are not alone – that Oxfordshire stands with them. We will share your messages of support with our clients and the public to let them know that the Borders Bill is not being passed in your name.