Day 3

Armineh’s* story…

Armineh’s arrival in the UK was marked by terrible uncertainty, as her studies at university in Afghanistan and the life she was familiar with were put on indefinite hold. Fortunately, however, she was met with acceptance and support in her new hotel, a temporary accommodation arrangement.

The staff and volunteers in Asylum Welcome’s Afghan response team have been a source of comfort and stability for Armineh and she speaks warmly of the many people who have been kind to her since she came to the UK. They have, specifically, helped her navigate the bureaucratic intricacies of the health and education systems; guiding her to book doctor’s appointments, helping her to register for English classes, and to apply for scholarships so she can study again.

English classes matter hugely to Armineh, not only because they represent the path to realise her dreams, but also because amongst her classmates are many other women from Afghanistan, whose opportunities to study English at home had been limited. Female friendships have taken on a great importance in Armineh’s life, enabling her to find pleasure in the everyday, dancing and listening to music. On one such day, which Armineh holds as one of the most memorable during her time in the UK, she had a new haircut and decorative henna applied.

Armineh has already found a sure footing in her new life, grounding herself in what makes her happy, and applying herself to her academic and career aspirations.

She hopes one day to resume her degree in Business Studies.

*name changed to protect privacy

To be continued…

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