If you have agreed with your sponsor that you will make your own way to their home, you will be eligible for a single onward journey (free of charge) via national rail, bus, light rail and coach to your destination anywhere in the UK (excluding NI). You only need to show your Ukrainian passport and your boarding pass or ticket showing arrival into the country within the last 48 hours. More information is on the National Rail website.

The  main bus companies in Oxfordshire are Oxford Bus Company, Stagecoach Oxfordshire , Thames Travel and Arriva.  Visit their websites for a detailed list of their bus services, up-to-date timetables and fare information.

Ви можете подати заявку, щоб отримати безкоштовний проїзний на автобус на 3 місяці, через Oxford County Council.

You can apply for a 3 month FREE bus pass through Oxfordshire County Council.

There are various ways that you can book train tickets: for example through National Rail, Trainline, or Chiltern railways. Cross Country Trains explains how to find cheap tickets.

The Government has issued the following guidance on driving in the UK;

You must have both a full driving licence and in date motor insurance to drive a vehicle on UK roads.

If you have a full driving licence issued in Ukraine, you may use this licence to drive small vehicles (such as motorcycles, cars, and vehicles up to 3500kgs or with up to 8 passenger seats) for up to a year in the UK. The licence must cover the vehicle being driven and must still be valid.

To continue to drive after this, you must obtain a provisional driving licence and pass a UK driving test before the 12 months ends.

Applicants for a provisional driving licence will need to complete a D1 application form available from Post Offices, or from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, and send it together with supporting documentation including proof of identity and proof of lawful residency. If the document(s) you provide is not in English, you will need to provide a translation that has been issued in the UK and signed by an official translator belonging to the Institute of Linguists or the Institute of Translation & Interpreting. A translator who is employed by a recognised Translation company or a member of the Association of Translation Companies.

Please note: The current requirement for a holder of a Ukrainian driving licence who is resident in Great Britain (GB) to exchange it for a GB licence after 12 months to continue driving without passing a GB test, has specific impacts on Ukrainian licence holders who have arrived as part of schemes to provide refuge from the current conflict.

If you took your driving test in a country other than Ukraine, different rules may apply.

Please see government guidance about driving in the UK.

There are bike shops across the county selling second-hand bikes. In addition, Gum Tree and Facebook Marketplace often offer second-hand bikes for sale.

Sanctuary Wheels offer free, refurbished bikes and training available for refugees across Oxfordshire. They will provide bikes, lights, locks, helmets and translated tuition so that refugees can learn to get around independently, access essential services and get to know their new communities.