Dawit and Genet

Dawit and Genet's story Asylum Welcome works tirelessly to support families separated by persecution and to make the limited legal routes available for family reunion possible. Asylum seekers and refugees come to us separated from their family and loved ones marooned in foreign refugee camps. We provide a unique service in

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Alaa's story Asylum Welcome has supported many people who have arrived in the UK under the Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme. This support has been wide-ranging, including advice on immigration, welfare, health and housing. We have also supported individuals and families to access education and employment

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Rose's story The issue of homelessness is one of the most critical facing our clients. Around half of the refugees and asylum seekers that we see each year face a substantial risk of homelessness. Clients also face numerous other challenges including the need for food and funding, and mental health support.

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Peyman's story Asylum Welcome supports many young unaccompanied asylum seekers who arrive in the UK with no family. These young people have often lived through incredible trauma. Once these young people turn 18, they are no longer supported by social services and are left to fend for themselves. The challenges that

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Ghazala's story Asylum Welcome supports refugees and asylum seekers to access education and employment opportunities, develop their English language skills, and have every opportunity to integrate, contribute and thrive. Support is individually tailored to each individual and helps our clients to gain confidence, develop their skills and fulfil their potential. Ghazala’s

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