“Ali’s” New Community

a group of women working together

Learn how “Ali,” who arrived in the UK from Afghanistan in September 2021, has found support and community in her new home thanks to Asylum Welcome.

Ali arrived in the UK in September with her two brothers. She was studying at university in Afghanistan and was worried that her education would end. When she was in the quarantine hotel, she was constantly worrying about how people in the UK would react to her and if she would get the opportunity to study again. Since leaving quarantine, she has explained that she has regained hope in the new hotel she is in.

She explained that she has met so many new people who have been so kind to her and are helping her to move on with her life, helping with everything from booking doctors’ appointments to applying for English classes and even scholarships so that she can study again. She hopes that when her English has improved, she can finish her degree in Business Studies and teach other people too.

She explained that she is so happy, not just because she has now started an English class but also because she is studying with lots of other women from Afghanistan who may have not had the chance to study at home. A highlight for her was the recent women’s day out, organised by Asylum Welcome, where she had a haircut and a henna tattoo. She explained how happy she felt to be with the other women, dancing and listening to music. Now all the worry that she felt in the quarantine hotel has gone and she is looking forward to continuing her studies and finding work.

* please note that real names have not been used to protect the individual’s identity

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