Our employment service offers advice and support for refugees to find paid work, contribute to their community and become financially independent. We can also offer advice to asylum seekers and help them find voluntary work while they await status.

Refugees want to work. While asylum seekers (with few exceptions) have no right to work, once a person has been granted Refugee Status or Leave to Remain then they are entitled to work. At this point, we help them to find employment that matches their skills and aspirations.

Who is this for?

Refugees (and in rare cases asylum seekers) in and around Oxford with permission to work.

“Whatever I am today it’s because of Asylum Welcome. They helped me to find voluntary work, developed my language skills, and prepared my CV. They developed my confidence and awareness about society.”

What can we offer?

  • An initial meeting to discuss skills, experience, qualifications and aspirations
  • Help to apply for training courses
  • Job searches
  • Help with writing CVs and job applications
  • Interview practice
  • Help to find volunteer work experience
  • Ongoing help and support after you have got a job

We also can give you access to a computer and help you to look for a job on Monday and Thursday mornings. Click here to find out more about the Job Hub.

Do you need help?

The employment desk is open on Mondays.

If you need employment advice or support then you can phone us on 07762 493786, email employment@asylum-welcome.org or WhatsApp us. You can also read about what we do and how to get help in English عربى  shqip  tetum  français  پښتو  زمانی کوردی اردو  فارسی


If you are one of our partners and wish to refer a refugee to this service, please complete the form attached here and email employment@asylum-welcome.org