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RECYCLED laptops

50 laptops donated by Shared Vision and Wantage Mix at Asylum Welcome waiting to be serviced and distributed.

Saeed, our Office Manager, setting up donated laptops from Lloyds Bank Foundation.

If you are an asylum seeker or a refugee and/or have children who need a laptop, we are here to help!

Why do we run this service?

We have faced many challenges due to COVID-19; one major challenge has been around technology. With the current lockdown closing schools, those refugee children and their families who do not have laptops and access to the internet are being seriously disadvantaged.

We are therefore asking for the donation of unused laptops to help solve this urgent problem. Once laptops are collected and restored, they are redistributed to refugee children and their families who are have been unable to participate in online education. These computers are making such a big difference to how these children and families can keep connected for learning purposes but also to their ability to keep in touch with friends and family here and back home. The laptops are also enabling them to access much-needed support that is now only being provided remotely.

Who is this for?

Asylum seekers and refugees who are in need of a laptop.

What does the service involve?

  • Coordination of donated recycled laptops in good working condition.
  • Repairs (where needed), wiping and PAT testing of laptops.
  • Distribution of laptops to refugees and asylum seekers.

What condition of laptop do we accept and how should you delete any data?

We really appreciate the generosity of donors who will be making a real difference to the quality of life of our clients, both during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. The most useful laptops are ones which are in good condition, have a webcam and function well, and are accompanied by chargers. The repair shops can wipe the computers securely to ensure your privacy, however they cannot repair computers with serious problems. We recommend that you make sure to clear the laptop of any material that you would like to keep before donating.

Contact information

If you need a laptop or would like to donate one, please write to

or give us a call at: 01865 722082

Laptops can be dropped off at Asylum Welcome from Monday to Friday, between 10:00am-4:00pm, at the following address:

Asylum Welcome Laptop Project

7 Newtec Place

Magdalen Road

Oxford OX4 1RE

We will contact clients who have requested laptops and prepare a laptop for them. Our ability to distribute laptops to all interested clients will depend on the availability of laptops. There will always be a few days between the donation, repair and collection of laptops so that the laptop can be safely taken by the client. 

Who are our partners?

We are grateful to local computer repair shops for their patience and assistance! In particular, we are very grateful for support and advice from:

Lloyds Bank Foundation


Share Oxford A Library of Things

Saeed, our Office Manager, with the wonderful Jo from Wantage Mix, collecting 50 laptops in Wantage that Wantage Mix and Shared Vision in Chipping Norton generously donated, repaired and PAT tested for Asylum Welcome.

With many thanks to the following individuals, schools and organisations for their generous support:

To Shena Guild, our Ambassador, her daughter Georgie and sons Edward and Johnny and family friend Arthur Higgins. 

To all the parents, pupils and staff at St Edward’s School, Magdalen College School, Dragon School and Oxford High School for their very generous donations and to the many individual generous donors that have responded to our call.

Lloyds Bank Foundation

Shared Vision 

Wantage Mix  


From left to right: Georgie, Edward, Charlie and Johnny Merson