Need help?

Why do we run this service?

Asylum Welcome upholds the right to claim asylum. We often see people who are struggling to make their case, for example because they cannot afford to attend appointments, they are not in full possession of their legal documents, or they have been unable to find a suitable lawyer. We believe that help must be provided in order for the right to asylum to be meaningful.

Who is this for?

Asylum seekers who need help to meet the requirements of the asylum system and present their asylum case.

How to find out more


What does the service offer?

  • Small funds to enable asylum seekers to travel to London, Liverpool etc. to attend a Home Office interviews or meetings with lawyers.
  • Assistance to secure copies of relevant legal documents.
  • Assistance to register with a lawyer and communicating with lawyers on behalf of asylum seekers.
  • Financial contributions to legal costs where our modest contribution can make a significant difference to the ability of an asylum seeker to access their rights.

Who are our partners?

We work closely with legal aid lawyers.