Need help?

Why do we run this service?

Refugees frequently tell us that they want to work. While in almost all cases asylum seekers have no right to work, once a person has been granted Refugee Status or Leave to Remain then they are entitled to work.

At that point we aim to support them towards employment that matches their skills and aspirations so that they are fulfilled in their work, contribute their abilities to the community and become increasingly socially integrated and financially independent.

Who is this for?

Refugees (and in rare cases asylum seekers) with permission to work.

How to find out more

The Employment Service is open on Thursdays 10.00-4.00. Make an appointment in our Welcome Centre or contact

What does the service offer?

  • An initial meeting to discuss skills, experience, qualifications and aspirations and to develop a personal development plan to move towards appropriate paid employment.
  • Help with CV-writing, job-seeking and interviews.
  • Support with learning skills necessary for work: English, IT, Health & Safety, etc.
  • Unpaid work placements to get experience of the UK workplace and to get references.

Who are our partners?

We work closely with the employment services offered by Aspire and we work with local employers.