How to receive help

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If you are an asylum seeker, refugee or vulnerable migrant who needs help then get in touch.

We are available from Monday – Friday from 9.30am – 4pm. You can:

Phone us: 01865 722082

Whatsapp or text us: 07784 300683

Email us:

If you are a European who needs help applying for settled or pre-settled status then email:

If you need urgent help then please look at our emergency contact listhere

Who are we?

Asylum Welcome offers information, advice and practical support to asylum seekers, refugees and vulnerable migrants who live in Oxfordshire. We help adults, young people and families.

How can we help?

Asylum seekers, refugees and migrants can find it difficult to access the services they need to start rebuilding their lives and to thrive.

We offer advice and support services to help our clients feel welcome, safe, respected and understood as members of a caring community.

Advice services

We provide free, independent, confidential, advice, which includes help with the following:

  • Asylum process

  • Asylum claim

  • Fresh claims

  • Applying for Home Office documents, such as travel documents

  • Asylum support

  • Domestic violence

  • Homelessness and housing support

  • Accessing social services across Oxfordshire

  • Accessing healthcare
  • Help to find work
  • Help to find English classes and other classes
  • Education advice, including applications for college and university
  • Pre-Settlement / Settlement applications for EU citizens
  • Support for migrant prisoners at Huntercombe Prison, and their families

Support services

We help our clients to feel welcome, stay connected, learn English, and access food and essential items. Our support includes:

  • A youth club

  • A girls’ group for young people

  • One-to-one English tuition

  • A Job Hub

  • Access to bikes

  • Access to laptops

  • Access to food

  • Hardship and destitution assistance

  • Support to Refugee Community Organisations
  • A Welcome Centre
  • Assistance with travelling to the Home Office, reporting centres, legal hearings and solicitors
  • Support with modern technologies (computers, laptops, smart phones)