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Guest JK and host Chris share their experience

JK writes : As a Ukrainian transgender person in a complicated situation in my own country, I’ve had fears I’m in danger. I’ve gone through the experience of sexual assault twice and was getting threats from Ukrainian alt-right organizations which made me come to the UK on the 16th of February 2022 and apply for political asylum in fear of persecution.

A week later, the Russian invasion of Ukraine started and I was heartbroken. My mental health got really bad and my first question was where do I have to stay until my situation is resolved? Because I don’t have friends or family around me to ask for help.

Then I came to Sanctuary Hosting. I was nervous because I have never stayed with people that I have never met before. The interview was very relaxed and friendly, so I had the hope to relax and say to myself everything will be fine. The day that we were travelling to my first and only host Chris’s house, I had a very good chat with Eden, and she explained to me the nature of hosting and the next steps, so I felt more positive and optimistic.

I found it was easy to talk to and share things with my host Chris. After the face-to-face introduction, Chris kindly offered me a placement the next day and he agreed to pick me up too. So, all was set, and I had a warm, friendly, and safe home.

Also, after some time Eden introduced me to my support worker Anne, so I had all the support that I needed, as well as a thoughtful and kind host. All the time he was on my side and supported me.

After 11 months, thanks to all of you, I now have my 3 years visa, and I’m allowed to work and study. So, I am working part-time at a freelance online job. I remain with my host as a lodger and pay my rent.

You all are doing an amazing job of helping people in need and giving them hope, love, and care. If it was not for Sanctuary Hosting, I would be homeless, so thank you is not enough, and I am happy to help these charities and give back.

Chris adds: Hosting JK has been a great experience. She has been through some very tough times, and I have learnt a great deal about all sorts of issues. People tend to focus on her transgender experience but her kindness and humanity are even more important – plus her unconventional take on all sorts of issues!

The situations, experiences and needs of guests are extremely varied and individual. Sanctuary Hosting rightly emphasises that hosts should not feel responsible for all aspects of support and welfare for their guests. However, hosts should be encouraged to provide what support they can and seek support themselves when needed.

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