Перші кроки для українських гостей

First steps for Ukrainian guests

As soon as you arrive at your host’s home, make sure your host informs the council that you are here. They can do that by emailing ukraineresponse@oxfordshire.gov.uk or calling 01865 966 444 (opening hours: 8.45am – 5pm, Monday to Friday, closed weekends and bank holidays).

The Government has issued guidance on steps to take in your first week in the UK.

You must complete this Government application form to extend your permission to be in the UK and to apply for a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP).





Online banks:


The Credit Thing which is a project of the Ukrainian Monobank in the UK. This is the only bank that opens a credit limit of £100- £400 for earning the client’s credit score in the UK. Everyone who registers using this link will receive £10 as a bonus on his/her bank account and will have an account opened on a priority basis.

You can request a Vodafone SIM card free of charge from Asylum Welcome. These will be Pay as You Go SIMs that will each come with 20GB data each month plus unlimited calls and texts for a period of six months (activated on use).  Send an email to ukraine@asylum-welcome.org providing your name, surname, your host’s name and surname and your address in the United Kingdom and a SIM card will be posted to you.

Three offer a free SIM card, valid for 30 days.

Asylum Welcome have a limited supply of used laptops available. Please email laptops@asylum-welcome.org and specify what you need.

You will need to apply for a National Insurance (NI) number to be able to work in the UK.

Universal Credit (UC) is a payment to help with your living costs. It’s paid monthly.  You will receive your first monthly payment 5 weeks after the application date. To apply for Universal Credit click here.  You will then receive a call from the Job Centre and they will book an appointment for you at the Job Centre. For this appointment take 3 identification documents with you (such as your Ukrainian biometric passport, your Ukrainian ID (passport), your driver’s license), and your UK National Insurance (NI) number, if possible.

If you have a child (or children) you can apply for Child Benefit at the following link.

The government has produced a Welcome Guide for Ukrainians arriving in the UK.

Oxfordshire County Council has published information and support on how they keep you safe and what to do if something goes wrong.

International Rescue Committee are offering free online Cultural Orientation sessions.   The Community and Outreach officers are all native Ukrainian/Russian speakers.  They are also able to provide Chromebooks if people do not have access to a laptop/iPad/Chromebook etc already.

Курс «Орієнтація для новоприбулих» дозволить учасникам:

  • дізнатися більше про Велику Британію та місцеву громаду
  • отримати точну інформацію про такі важливі питання як житло, податки тощо (ми розробляємо поглиблений модуль щодо оренди житла та заявок для бездомних у Великій Британії, оскільки ми отримали багато запитів з цих питань)
  • зрозуміти їхні права та пільги, та як ними користуватися
  • зустрітися з місцевими експертами в кожній із сфер і поставити їм запитання.

Цей курс триває 20 годин протягом 10 тижнів (кожна сесія по 2 години). У разі зацікавленості, пишіть на ukraine@asylum-welcome.org або звертайтеся до Анни за телефоном 0738 7261106 (WhatsAPP) українською/російською мовами.

Orientation for Newcomers course enables attendees to:

  • learn more about the UK and their local community
  • get accurate information on the issues important to them like housing, tax, etc. (we are developing an in-depth module on renting and homelessness applications in the UK as we have received a lot of inquiries about it)
  • understand their rights and entitlements and how to exercise these
  • meet local experts in each of the areas and ask them questions.

This course is 20 Hours over 10 weeks (2 hour/ session).

If you are interested, contact ukraine@asylum-welcome.org or WhatsAPP, text, or call Anna for Ukrainian/Russian 0738 7261106