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The climate crisis is a forced migration crisis

The global climate summit COP 26 is taking place in Glasgow in November; life on Earth depends on what agreements are struck there. While world leaders meet, people around the world will be mobilising for a Global Day of Climate Justice. We must make sure that protection for climate refugees is part of the conversation.

The climate crisis is going to affect human lives and humans will try to move to different places to build a new life. For hundreds of millions of people the consequences are happening now and in the immediate future. More and more people will become displaced from more frequent and intense weather-related events, and through the erosion of already fragile livelihoods and ecosystems. The climate crisis is increasingly a factor in the issues leading to population displacement. Instead of taking climate action, world leaders are looking at how to increase border security and introduce harsher penalties for migrants and refugees.

Join the Global Day of Action For Climate Justice in Oxford. Assemble at 1 PM on Saturday Nov 6th at Manzil Way Gardens, Cowley Road, Oxford. 

Organised by Oxfordshire COP26 Climate Alliance, supported by Oxford Stand Up To Racism and many others. Find out more information here.