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Europa Welcome

Europa Welcome is a service run by Asylum Welcome that helps European nationals and their family members to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme.

To get help and advice about applying to the EU Settlement Scheme, please contact us.


Phone/WhatsApp/text: 07719 128054

“We are here to help through the whole process” Nazan explains in the video the Europa Welcome service from Asylum Welcome, helping EU citizens get settled status in the UK. Video by Oxford City Council. The playlist have the following languages provided by our brilliant Europa Welcome Volunteers and community translator Bocacio:

  • Romanian
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Tetum 

For information in Tetum click here.

For information in Romanian click here.

For information in Italian click here.

For information in Portuguese click here.

For information in Spanish click here.

EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) and Coronavirus (COVID-19)

If you are a Tetum speaker click here and here (Oras: 10 dader – 4 lokraik loron Segunda ho Kinta)

Europa Welcome video call and face-to-face appointments to help EU citizens to apply for Settled Status are now available. To make an appointment,  please call 07719 128054 during working hours (Monday and Thursday 10am to 4 pm) or send an email to Please leave a clear message with name and contact details and someone will get back to you as soon as they can.

The Government’s EU Settlement Scheme Resolution Centre can be contacted by email or phone. General Customer line:  0300 123 7379

If calling from outside the UK: +44 (0)203 080 0010

More Information

The Home Office has confirmed that if non-EEA nationals apply to the EU Settlement Scheme before their existing leave expires, and they didn’t leave the UK in the meantime, they won’t become overstayers while they wait for a decision.

You can still progress your Settled Status or Pre Settled Status application online. The guidance to help you apply is also available in 26 European languages: you want to ask a question about applying for Settled or Pre Settled Status, you can use an online form by clicking here and they will reply in 5 working days.

You can also call the Home Office Assisted Digital service if you need help filling in the online application. You may need to book a phone appointment. We Are Digital: 03333 445 675

The Europa Welcome team can help you with basic information and questions regarding the EU Settlement Scheme. If we can’t help you with your specific issue, we can refer you to partner organisations that can deal with more complex issues.

Some EU citizens have given us passports and important documents to forward to the Home Office. Rest assured that our priority is to ensure that these are safe.

You can find COVID19 advice for patients in 51 languages including Tetum at the Doctors of the World webpage. It is based on NHS health advice and produced in partnership with the British Red Cross and other partners:

Watch Dr Emma Sidebotham’s video in Tetum on the importance of the Covid-19 vaccination

This video is in Tetum. The translation to English below was kindly provided by Dr Emma Sidebotham.

Hi everyone. I am Emma and I am a doctor that has previously lived and worked in Timor Leste. This message is to help ensure that as many people as possible from the Timorese community are vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccination. This is the best way we to protect ourselves, and others, from the virus – and it is an important tool to help stop the pandemic.

“Any COVID-19 vaccine approved for use via the NHS has to meet strict standards of safety, quality, and effectiveness. 

“Multiple vaccines are being developed. They will only be available on the NHS once they have been thoroughly tested to make sure they are safe and effective.” 

“Ultimately, the COVID-19 vaccine gives you the best protection against coronavirus.”

I have had the vaccine already without any problems or serious side effects.

“Remember:– the NHS will contact you when you are eligible.”

I would like to say that I am grateful to the scientists and researchers, who have worked tirelessly to develop vaccines to stop this terrible pandemic. And I hope that all of you can get the vaccine quickly. 

Please continue to follow govt guidance – maintaining social distancing, wearing a face mask and washing hands regularly, to ensure that you and your loved ones remain healthy.  

Take care, keep well and keep safe.

Thank you.

Dr Emma Sidebotham

What is the EU settlement scheme?

The EU settlement scheme is a registration process for EU nationals and their family members who wish to stay in the UK after the UK leaves the EU.

It should be straightforward and many people can register easily from their phone or computer. More details are here.

What is Europa Welcome?

Europa Welcome is a new service for Europeans in Oxfordshire run from Oxford-based charity Asylum Welcome.

It is to help people unable to make an application by themselves (for example because they struggle with technology, language barriers, health problems etc.).

It is one of more than 50 such advice services funded by the Home Office across the UK until March 2020. But it will be a confidential service.

Contact us if you want help for yourself or your family. Or if you work with Europeans and want to ask for help on their behalf.

The service will include confidential appointments to explain the settlement scheme and to help those who wish to register to submit documents and communicate with the Home Office. It will help Europeans have peace of mind that they are registered.

If you are a Tetum speaker, please click here.

Follow our Twitter account for news and updates: @WelcomeEuropa

Why is Asylum Welcome running this service?

Although Asylum Welcome normally helps asylum seekers and refugees, this is a time of upheaval when the most vulnerable of the Europeans who have made Oxfordshire their home may feel anxious about their rights in the UK.

Asylum Welcome has taken on this service because it wants to meet that need and because it has all the ingredients to provide useful help: a well-established immigration advice centre, a track record of negotiating with the Home Office and a magnificent community of local volunteers with a welcoming ethos.

Documents needed

It will help if you can bring these documents to your appointment – but do not worry if you cannot.

  1. Passport (or other proof that you are an EU national such as biometric residence permit)
  2. Evidence of how long you have been in the UK, for example a National Insurance number