How can we make Oxfordshire a less hostile environment for our colleagues and neighbours who are seeking sanctuary here?

  • Display this orange heart in the window of your house, vehicle or business.

  • Share an orange heart on social media or add one to your display name: @AsylumWelcome #TogetherWithRefugees

  • Print out this postcard and write a message of support. Send the message to us so we can share it with our clients.

  • Send a message of solidarity to refugees using our online form.

Why an orange heart?

Asylum Welcome is an active member of Together with Refugees, the new national coalition of over 200 refugee charities calling for a more effective, fair and humane approach to the UK’s asylum system. We work with like-minded agencies to raise our concerns, challenge the legislation and reiterate the public’s support for our commitment to give sanctuary to those fleeing persecution. The coalition’s symbol is an orange heart – the same colour as the flag designed to mark the participation of the first ever refugee team in the 2016 Olympic games. The orange heart is a unifying symbol that we can stand behind to express our solidarity with asylum seekers and refugees in the UK.

Watch our short film to find out more…