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The Anti-Refugee Bill has become Anti-Refugee Law, but we won’t back down…

This is a dark time for us as refugee advocates, but it's also a chance to regroup, reflect on our achievements, and reaffirm our commitment to treat all refugees and asylum seekers equally, with dignity and respect, regardless of how they arrived here. Following nine months of debate, significant opposition

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The Final Days of the Borders Bill

So the parliamentary ping pong-continues….  On Tuesday (26th April), both the Lords and the Commons debated the Nationality and Borders Bill in a rapid-fire exchange of parliamentary ping-pong. The Lords voted on eight amendments to the Bill, passing three and adding to the string of defeats to the Bill in

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Nationality and Borders Bill second defeat in the House of Lords

The Nationality and Borders Bill returned to the House of Lords for the second time on Monday 4th April where the Lords stood firm on their previous amendments to the Bill. In total, the Bill suffered 12 defeats, with only one win for the government. The Lords reaffirmed their commitment

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‘One Last Push’: Oxfordshire against the Nationality and Borders Bill

As part of the Together With Refugees coalition, we are encouraging one last push to demonstrate that Oxfordshire, and indeed all of the UK, will not stand by the Nationality and Borders Bill in its original form. Substantial amendments and concessions must be agreed and passed. Below are 12 actions you can take to

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Asylum Welcome’s Perspective on the ‘Homes for Ukraine’ Scheme

At Asylum Welcome, we welcome this development in the UK’s response to Ukrainian refugees and stand ready to coordinate our response to support the scheme. We are buoyed by the incredible reception the scheme has had with the British public, with over 88,000 people signing up to house and support Ukrainian refugees in the

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Template Letter to MPs – to send ahead of 21st March

[Your Address]     [Day] March 2022  [MP Address] Dear [MP - find your MP here] I am writing to you today as a constituent and as a member of the Oxfordshire local community with respect to the progress of the Nationality and Borders Bill. As I am sure you are aware, the readings

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Summary of the Home Affairs Committee evidence session to discuss the Home Office policy about refugees fleeing Ukraine

On the morning of 9th March, the Home Affairs Committee held a one-off evidence session to discuss the Home Office policy concerning refugees fleeing Ukraine. Vadym Prystaiko, the Ukrainian ambassador to the UK, was interviewed alongside representatives from the Refugee Council, the Immigration Law Practitioners' Association, Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain, and the

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How we’re supporting Ukrainians in Oxfordshire

We are urging the UK government to act alongside its European neighbours to play a full and immediate part in receiving those fleeing the terrible violence in Ukraine, and to call for an immediate ceasefire and peace. In just one week, over a million people have fled Ukraine in the

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Five More Key Votes in the House of Lords

The House of Lords had their second day of voting on amendments to the Nationality and Borders Bill (NBB) on 2nd March. The second day of report stage addressed sections two and three of the NBB, relating to the asylum system, refugee status determination and border control. This follows the

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Five Key Wins in the House of Lords

Members of the House of Lords debated and voted on key sections of the Nationality and Borders Bill (NBB) late into the evening of the 28th February. They covered the first two sections of the bill, relating to British citizenship and asylum/refugees. Five key amendments were voted through with resounding majorities

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