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Asylum Welcome regularly contributes to TV and Radio news and debates on asylum and detention.

Our contributions to online and print news media are as follows:



We are all delighted that Asylum Welcome has been chosen as one of the Lord Mayor’s two nominated charities of the year for 2019-2020! Find out more:

Taking the chains of office: Oxford has its first zero-carbon Lord Mayor, by Nathan Briant
(Oxford Mail, 16 May 2019)

(Oxford City Council, 10 May 2019)

Seeking Refuge In Oxford – In Conversation With Asylum Welcome, by Clotilde De Maricourt
(The Oxford Student, 22 April 2019)


(Oxford Mail, 13 November 2018)

(The Guardian, 3 November 2018)

Syrian refugees: Oxford's thriving community thank city, by Harrison Jones
(Oxford Mail, 2 October 2018)

(Oxford Mail 18 September 2018)

  • Recording of a short talk about the work of Asylum Welcome by Kate Smart Wheatley URC church, January 2018.








      • Uni to publish refugee poets
        Brookes pioneers project with asylum charity. (Oxford Mail, 20 November 2008)
      • Don't shun us, love us (Oxford Mail, 20 June 2008)
      • Asylum Aware
        Events publicise plight of refugees. (June 14, 2008)
      • Highlighting the plight of refugees
        (13 June 2008)


      • Just let us pay our way
        (Oxford Mail, 9 December 2007)
      • Football unites asylum seekers
        Finding refuge through sports. (Oxford Mail, 11 November 2007)
      • Worlds Away
        Refugees tell stories in new book. (18 June 2007)
      • MPs call for more asylum support
        (6 April 2007)
      • ‘Read the testimonies of the vulnerable'
        (9 March 2007)
      • Different Worlds
        Book explores asylum seekers' experiences. (27 February, 4 March 2007)


      • City has over 150 destitute asylum seekers
        (25 August 2006)
      • Failed Refugees ‘Left Destitute'
        Charity wants Government to do more. (22 August 2006)
      • Asylum Seeker took his own life
        (26 July 2006)
      • Act to Prevent More Suicides
        Asylum charity speaks out on Campsfield inquest. When the history books are written, this episode of hysteria against asylum seekers will be comparable to the Victorian workhouses and slavery. (22 July 2006)
      • Refugees Welcomed to the City
        Songs, poetry, and a meadow walk were all used to mark this year's Refugee Week. (29 June 2006)
      • Show of Support to Campsfield Inmates: Reaching Out
        If you make one person feel a little less friendless for a short period of time, then it's worth it. (28 June 2006)
      • Self-harm Cases Fuel Campsfield Anger
        Any system that makes people who were previously in robust mental health want to kill themselves is wrong. (24 June 2006)
      • Alone... far from Home
        My mother and father cried a lot when I left and I was very frightened. (15 May 2006)
      • Peace and Asylum Campaigner Jean is Brimming with Energy at 80
        (1 May 2006)
      • Seeking Out Our Stories
        A different kind of torture awaited me. (24 April 2006)
      • Determined to Succeed
        Some people believe asylum seekers come to Britain to sponge from the British benefit system. Yet Government research shows the foreign-born population contributes about 10 per cent more to revenues than they receive in benefits - equivalent to £2.6bn a year. Debbie Waite talked to Afghan doctor Hameed Latifi who has spent four years fighting for the ‘honour' of working for the NHS in Oxfordshire. (8 April 2006)
      • Altered Lives
        Modern Art Oxford. (31 March 2006)
      • One Voice for Women's Day
        Women who have been subject to violence and rape in the countries they have fled from, suffer from isolation and depression. (7 March 2006)


    • Back in Touch at Christmas but Many in the City are Apart from their Families
      (30 December 2005)
    • The Best Gift Ever
      Sixty years on, refugee finds out his brothers are still alive. (12 December 2005)
    • Treated Just Like Suspects
      Oxford charities have been urging people to give Refugees and Asylum Seekers their support not suspicion. (4 August 2005)
    • Experiences of Asylum in City
      Refugees relate tales of escape and new lives in Oxford. (24 June 2005)
    • Long Road to Oxford
      How four people escaped horror to settle here, Refugees still face battles despite having reached safety and starting to build new lives. ‘I'm the last member of my family still alive and if I had not got into the back of a lorry I'd be dead now too...''I found out my husband was murdered on the TV'. (21 June 2005)
    • Events Honour City's Refugees
      (10 June 2005)