Need help?

Many organisations have produced resources that enable young people to explore asylum and refugee themes in fun, interactive and thought-provoking ways.

If you are a school teacher you can download free educational resources.

Amnesty International

We believe that human rights education is important at all ages. That is why our education resources span from Early Years to adult education.

Age group: all ages

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

The UNHCR have developed lesson modules to help teachers integrate refugee issues into the classroom in innovative and exciting ways.

Age group: 9+

Against All Odds is an educational and interactive online game that aims to increase understanding and knowledge of refugees amongst school pupils. In the game students are given the chance to follow a young person along their journey to flee oppression in their homeland and start a new life in a foreign society.

Age group 7+

Refugee Council

Looking for the facts about asylum? The same old myths and scare stories are peddled again and again. The truth is in short supply. At the Refugee Council, we believe it’s time to put that right, time to tell it like it is. That’s why we’ve produced these facts and figures that you can rely on.

Refugee Week

Global Communities: Learning about Refugee Issues includes activities which investigate why people seek asylum, media portrayals of asylum seekers, issues of human rights, and ideas for ways of celebrating refugee contributions to UK society.

The activities are differentiated for different abilities, and include a quiz, group discussions, and writing exercises.

Age group: 11-16

British Red Cross

The Positive Images toolkit is an educational resource for teachers, youth workers and other educators to teach young people about migration and development.The toolkit includes ten innovative educational activities and case studies of actions, enabling young people through their community to make a difference to global issues.

The toolkit incorporates four short films based on the stories of contemporary migrants and supporting powerpoint presentations.

Age group: 12+