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Asylum Welcome sometimes sees asylum seekers who tell us that they have been tortured.

Making a case for asylum by proving that you have been tortured can be very difficult as it requires reports from doctors with appropriate training. For the case to succeed the Home Office must believe the evidence presented.

Asylum Welcome sees those torture survivors who are living in the Oxford community and those who are being held in detention at Campsfield House. It is against Home Office regulations to detain victims of torture, nevertheless we sometimes see detainees held at Campsfield who tell us that they have been tortured and we work with lawyers, doctors and specialist agencies to secure their release.

Asylum Welcome recognises and values the work of the charity Freedom from Torture in alleviating the suffering of torture survivors and in highlighting concerns about how torture cases are handled. Freedom from Torture is currently running a campaign called ‘Proving Torture’ and Asylum Welcome is putting its support behind this campaign.

We are asking Asylum Welcome supporters to raise this with their M.P.s.