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    In 2015, following evidence and criticisms from a range of organisations and individuals including under-cover film from detention centres, the Home Secretary commissioned Stephen Shaw (former Prisons Ombudsman) to carry out a review into the welfare in detention of vulnerable persons.  The Shaw Report was published in January 2016. Testimony from Asylum Welcome is cited the report.    The report concludes:


“I  my view, a smaller, more focused, strategically planned immigration detention estate, subject to the many reforms I have outlined in this report, would both be               more protective of the welfare of vulnerable people and deliver better value for the taxpayer. Immigration detention has increased, is increasing, and  – whether by better screening, more effective reviews, or formal time limit –  it ought to be reduced."

You can read the full report (which includes an executive summary) 

and Asylum Welcome’s submission

Submission to Vulnerable Detainee Review:Asylum Welcome May 2015